About Molenaar & Griffiths

Each of our Molenaar & Griffiths Incorporated practices has focused departments offering our clients a comprehensive range of legal services in their respective areas of legal practice. These practice areas include Corporate and Commercial Law, Property Law, Conveyancing, Estate Planning, Administration of Deceased Estates, Dispute Resolution, Labour Law, Notarial Work and much more.

In addition to our legal expertise, our practices pride itself in longstanding and loyal relationships with our clients. Being a client focused law firm, we make it our business to understand the legal needs of our clients and to find innovative solutions to complex and intricate legal problems.

As a dynamic and competitive law firm, we ensure that we innovate and evolve in line with the times, and make the most of every growth opportunity presented to us. This allows us to serve our client-base with excellence, as well as ensuring that we stay abreast of the continually changing environment within which we live and work every day.

In an increasingly busy business environment with extreme time pressure experienced by most of our clients, we understand and value the requirements of our clients to have their legal team available at short notice.

Our different legal departments strive to be the best in their respective fields of focus and it shows in the outcomes achieved for clients.

We are passionate, and proud of what we do.

  • Sexual harassment in the workplace
    Do your employees know what is considered sexual harassment in the workplace?
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  • Is your Family Trust legally valid?
    Did you know that not having an independent trustee on your family trust can contribute to it being viewed as your alter-ego and be disregarded by the law?
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  • Are you employing illegal immigrants?
    Do you know that you can face imprisonment or a hefty fine for employing illegal immigrants?
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  • Temporary employee deemed permanent after 3 months?
    Section 198A-C of Labour Relations Act (LRA) – Did you know your temporary employee could be deemed permanent after 3 months?
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  • You could be paying 25% estate duty
    Do you know that estates larger than R30 million rand will now pay estate duty at 25%?
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