Correspondent Work

We have a well-equipped team that is able to render excellent correspondent services to all our professional colleagues. Contact us for cost effective, hassle free and reliable service.

We attend to all correspondent work, such as, but not limited to:

  • Issuing of documents;
  • Delivery of documents at the relevant sheriff’s offices;
  • Serving and filing of documents;
  • Urgent Applications / Ex Parte Applications;
  • Uplifting of documents;
  • Attendance to queries;
  • Index and Paginating;
  • Taxations; and
  • Court appearances (including appearances in the Criminal Courts).

Our Correspondent professional is:

  • Conroy Notley
  • Berna Koch
  • Bianca Stuart

  • Sexual harassment in the workplace
    Do your employees know what is considered sexual harassment in the workplace?
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  • Are you employing illegal immigrants?
    Do you know that you can face imprisonment or a hefty fine for employing illegal immigrants?
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  • You could be paying 25% estate duty
    Do you know that estates larger than R30 million rand will now pay estate duty at 25%?
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  • Temporary employee deemed permanent after 3 months?
    Section 198A-C of Labour Relations Act (LRA) – Did you know your temporary employee could be deemed permanent after 3 months?
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  • Is your Family Trust legally valid?
    Did you know that not having an independent trustee on your family trust can contribute to it being viewed as your alter-ego and be disregarded by the law?
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