Family Law and Divorce

We provide legal assistance in all aspects of Family Law, including divorce, settlements, maintenance matters, custody matters, adoption and children’s court matters. There are a number of issues addressed in Family Law, which is why it is imperative to receive the best legal advice.

Our Family Law and Divorce services include:

  • Divorce and settlements
  • Maintenance matters
  • Custody matters
  • Adoption
  • Children’s court matters

Our Family Law and Divorce team consists of:

  • Masunet Strydom
  • Conroy Notley
  • Berna Koch
  • Bianca Stuart

  • Are you employing illegal immigrants?
    Do you know that you can face imprisonment or a hefty fine for employing illegal immigrants?
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  • Sexual harassment in the workplace
    Do your employees know what is considered sexual harassment in the workplace?
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  • Is your Family Trust legally valid?
    Did you know that not having an independent trustee on your family trust can contribute to it being viewed as your alter-ego and be disregarded by the law?
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  • Temporary employee deemed permanent after 3 months?
    Section 198A-C of Labour Relations Act (LRA) – Did you know your temporary employee could be deemed permanent after 3 months?
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  • You could be paying 25% estate duty
    Do you know that estates larger than R30 million rand will now pay estate duty at 25%?
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